Diwali the festival of light

Fills earth with sparkles and delight

Creating blissful paradise on the earth

Where people get engrossed in mirth


Butter lamps and candles light up in an infinite rows

Holding a variety of flowers beautiful as marigold and rose

Welcoming the lord Lakshmi to their house, everyone bows

If blessed by goddess Lakshmi, earthly wealth grows


Diwali the festival that binds the bond

Between the brother, sister and beyond

The words like trust, love and care cannot explain

The strongest of all the faithful relationship chain


Sisters apply tilaks to their brothers

Decorating their foreheads in a variety of colours

Taking refuge to get safeguarded from others

Like an external evil forces, that bothers


Without discrimination and difference

Without judgement or making an inferences

The festival of light that clears the ignorance

Of the earthly being living with the innocence


~Deepak Raj Chetri 


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