Candle in the Wind

Flickering light,

Unsteadily burning,

Hardly shining, now waning.

Its ember needing more to ignite.


The wick is dwindling.

But its core keeps lingering.

Just like hope that is undying,

Pulsating, bringing back to shining.


The desire to give light,

Is intense as a potent sylvite,

To give life on infertile mind.

And bring back realization from bare hand.


I am a candle in the wind.

Wind can tame my flame,

Tenaciously as I am,

I will never ever get dimmed.


I am destined to give light.

I give hope to those hopeless.

Consumed to shed the truth,

Trailblazing the path from darkness to lumination.


Life goes in betwixt light and dark.

Ignorance can turn to wisdom.

Light must prevail, a stark.

One must keep the candle in us potently awake.


For I am a candle in the wind, my inner flame is powerful within.



                                                                                             ~ Rosella Dacquel


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  1. Rosella Dacquel

    Thank you so much as always Indian Periodical!
    Amazing periodical platform!

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