And Democracy Smiled

Humiliated and disturbed
Sobbing silently, peace disrupted
Reduced to a rubble when a black under the knees
Painfully yelled, he couldn’t breathe.


When the nation reeled under the virus threat
Misinformation killed more, defying every breath
A failed administration responsible for the disaster
Blamed every other person to be a monster.


Lost and confused was every American
To choose  between Trump and Joe Biden
One with a childish behaviour of the man in power
Another with a mature responsibility of ages.


The voter understood his prime role
He gets what he deserves, when he votes
And as each one raised a number
Democracy slowly emerged as a winner.


Time and again, history repeats
Evil is displaced, as it is unstable
When the citizens understand their liability
Democracy smiled as she proved her sustainability.



                                                                                                              ~ Dr. Naaz Shaikh

                                                                                                                Hosapete, Karnataka, India

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