An Ode to the Twin Me

I wonder how hard the separation would be

I’m the solitude that seeks you all the time.

With myself, my musings, I share.

The time, I request to fly so slow.

Alas! It flies so quickly that I fail to

to grab even a second of it.

I’m the absence that waits impatiently

For you to come and hold my hidden tears.

Should I scream out loud or just sob?

How painful the memories, in me, are!

They leave me drenched in longing and wait.

DO you remember the rainy morning?

The dew drops and the butterflies we chased?

The setting sun we followed to reach our cradles?

Ah! The swing in that garden that testifies our love?

Oh! The waves of happiness that touched me

when your smile scintillated the whole house.

Sometimes the noisy shrieks, sometimes the sullen frowns

Still echo the empty halls of my dismal heart.

Oh! I regret of the time when I would unintentionally hurt you

I regret the tears that somehow would come into your eyes.

Will you ever forgive me for my stupidity?

My sibling, my heart carries lots of love for you.

The unseen care that I always have for you.

Now you are gone, away from me

to adorn your own home with your love and laughter.

I wish you receive the love you always deserved.

I wish the happiness remains with you till the last.



                                                                                          ~ Bisma Manzoor

                                                                                                    Bijbehara, J&K, India


  1. Shah Mursaleen manzoor

    Being physically away never means we have been separated. In the photoshop of my heart, you are engraved deeply. Your voice, though faint , reverberates within me 24*7. I feel you with every phase of inhalation and exhalation. You have been a guide , a mentor and above all mother to me.

  2. Syed Aasif Mujtaba

    Being the twin sisters i know how close you are to one another. These beautiful lines make me understand what you are going through. Have courage, be happy & obviously be ready…..!!!

  3. Yasmeen Taha

    Ya Rabbi Allah 😢 this is life
    We are supposed to get detached or separated from our beloved ones
    MAY Allah grant you courage and may you both be united heartly

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