An Amazing Abode

In the lap of Nature I sit

Surrounded by greenery

No matter which side I turn to

I see–

Beautiful tall & not so tall trees

Standing proudly, adorned in–

Different shades of silver, green & brown

Some crowned with dazzling blossoms

While others with-

Varied shaped glossy foliage

A soft rhythmical music greets me

With the gentle breeze..

The rustling leaves on the trees


The dry ones on the ground

Sing in different notes of high & low

Soothing balm it is to the heart & mind

The medley of birds compose

Their own unique music

Flying across the sky

Perching on the trees..

Hopping from branch to branch

Swooping to the ground

Gently alighting on the shimmering water

They flit & dance while sipping it

Their fluttering wings —

Enchant the water to do the rippling dance

Oh, what an awesome sight it is!

The sunrise embellishes the vegetation

The birds & the animals

All bedecked in orangish golden hue-

Appear ever so fresh & lively..

Like a blushing bride!

The sunset’s ruddy shawl enwraps–

The surrounding in its folds–

Oh how majestic it looks–

In its bridal clothes!

What a breathtaking view it is!

As the eyes glide over the landscape

I see stretched out far & wide

A green velvety carpet

Strewn with confetti of–

Colourful flowers & leaves

The Peacock walks in elegantly

With the Turkey following its friend

The Cockatoo alights on the deck

Like a sentinel it looks around

I sit in the verandah completely enthralled.

Transported to a heavenly world

Inundated with exquisite flora

beyond visibility

And in the background I can hear–

Nature’s sweetest incomparable music

Along with the pit a pat of rainfall

How very picturesque everything looks

Around this country side house

In the midst of a forest!

I thank God for His blessings

His greatest gift to us, the humans…

Who forget to stop & admire

God’s benevolence

In the mad rush of day to day work

That adds to a stressful life

Wake up humans–

Soak yourself in this unparalleled balmy spa

A warehouse of natural remedies and–

The best healer of all ailments & pains it is!


~ Anuradha S. Bannore

Vadodara, India


  1. Lovely!
    Humans take things for granted not so much because of daily routine but as habit of no value for things until they have to strive for it.

  2. Jaishree Misra

    Beautiful and majestic description of nature’s bounty ! A picture drawn with words and music created as if by magic ! To me it is not a poem but a place where I sat with Anuradha and experienced each sight , sound and smelt the earthy fragrance of rain falling on dry land

  3. Thanks Nandita & Jaya for your beautiful comments.

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