A Silent Evening

The freezing wind was deafening,

On the silent evening.

No humans were in reach of sight,

I shall be alone this night.

Rabbits scurried in their holes,

Followed by the moles.

Birds resigned to their warm nests,

Away from the beasts.

I was lost in the freezing wild,

Like a helpless child.

Thousand thoughts in my mind,

The way home, will I ever find?

The night slowly crept in,

Scared, my head started to spin.

Said a prayer, a help seeking song,

With hopes to make myself strong.

The chilling cold made me retire,

Took out the match to make a fire.

The flames danced with charm,

Helping my cold body get warm.

The warmth put me to sleep,

Beside the fire, I was deep.

Suddenly, I heard a loud scream,

Terror filled my mind to the brim…


                                                                                       ~ BK Tshering Wangchuk 

                                                                                               Bhutan, India

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