A Broken Soul

A poem about the internal struggles of a teenager struggling with mental health issues and his outlook on the world.

Cursed into the kind

With a broken mind

Persevering ignominy

And a broken pedagogy


I need no pity

Nor any claps

Just mere mundane humanity


Obloquy by cohabitants

Scorches my wits

Should I fight my demons

Or honour my guild


So, I keep my coterie

Unaware of my illusions

I fear being resented

If I expose their delusions


                                                                 ~ Umang Dureja



  1. Aashi Chaterjee

    So dark, yet so true.

  2. Sourabhi Mandekar

    Such a beautiful journey into the depths of an injured soul. These lines are gonna keep me up at night.

  3. Ayush Garewal

    A heartbreaking yet wonderful composting

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