Venezuela is a Domino

by Mark Antony Rossi

During my youth I served in the military for the United States. In my capacity I interviewed East Germans recounting horrid stories of forced rape at their workplaces, long lines for food, neighbors paid to inform on their families and in the ugly backdrop a Wall guarded by amoral thugs willing to shoot even pregnant women to prevent their escape.

I spent years of international pursuit of communist criminals pretending they brought freedom and justice to their populations but instead only brought rationalized shoddy healthcare, doctored books rewriting history, a food supply in constant jeopardy and an over-reliance on an economic system subsidized by the theft of other people’s resources and a very poor understanding of supply and demand.

Every country in East Europe and parts of Africa, South and Central America were dragged into Communist domination by force of revolution — military or otherwise. With the exception of China and Cuba, all these countries eventually overthrew their moronic masters, took back their freedom, and joined the community of nations.

But Venezuela, a once-thriving nation of economic prosperity and culture, actually voted into power a socialist conman who slowly destroyed the economy through giveaway programs, cracking down on local businesses, imprisoning opponents, permitting massive corruption through secretly encouraging a parallel black market and the usual excessive taxes on everything from chewing gum to tropical fish.

The media loved this man of the people. For years it could not find a fault in his person or plan. It even overlooked when he closed down radio stations and slightly critical newspapers through military police squads. Perhaps they privately liked the less competitive news environment the socialist government created or perhaps they lived in denial because no one could conceive of moving away from a collectively loved narrative.

As the years passed the economy shrank, the vaulted oil industry pumped less due to lack of investment in its infrastructure, food became expensive, medicine scarce, the government blamed everyone else for its hardships. By the time the political establishment and media finally figured out the true state of their nation — it was too late. Opposition leaders were rounded up and imprisoned. Most of the media refusing to parrot government propaganda were shut down, burned out or permanently sabotaged. One party with one leader ruled Venezuela.

My Republic, the United States of America, is on the same course as Venezuela. We are about to vote in forces backed by an utterly dependent media committed to radical socialist upheaval. A deliberate stacking of our Supreme Court and adding DC and Puerto Rico as states nearly guarantees a perpetual one party system promising changes to the nation that will harm its economic standing, personal freedoms, and military capabilities.

As both India and Taiwan face an aggressive Chinese military hostile to democracy, they sadly will not receive any assistance from America who internally will face its own problems with forces hostile to liberty. The election of Biden, a man obviously ill, will not last long as his party will seek to remove him using the 25th amendment and install the Vice President and Speaker of the House as leaders of the country. Neither has proven they believe America is a shining example of civil liberties and economic success. Instead, they believe America is corrupt and woefully inadequate to guarantee its people their choice of free thought and religious expression.

It’s likely the regular runs around the Constitution and the Bill of Rights coupled with dangerous squads of terrorists groups will finally convince a number of Midwest states to oppose Washington DC and begin a Civil War. The 2nd Civil War will not be like the first one. With advanced equipment, early warning systems, a population weapon trained and stockpiled with ammunition and a true patriot spirit. The honorable fight will not die out until the Republic is restored to a state that again respects the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and the realities of common sense.

I pray my fellow citizens have not neglected the lessons of recent history. But if they have they will surely be reminded that the end of America will be the end of all of us. The newest trend in Venezuela, once the richest nation in South America, is cannibalism. This is what socialism has brought that nation in twenty years. There are millions of Americans who will not wait that long nor will we like Venezuela “hope” for a better outcome. We will fight with the understanding that war bought us independence from colonialism. War bought us victory from Nazism. War defeated the bulk of Communism.

It may take a war to save my Republic from Socialism. For those who love this land we wish this wasn’t necessary. But wishing will not fix this broken country. In the harshest irony only the guns they have been trying to take away for the past fifty years stand a chance in making a difference in the fight for liberty against undemocratic forces determined to turn America into another Venezuela into another domino knocked down by cowards afraid of freedom. May God forgive our failures and reward the brave— once again.

About the Author:

Mark Antony Rossi is a poet, playwright and author of the bioethics volume “Dark Tech” now available from Amazon. His most recent plays have been produced in Liverpool and New York. He also hosts a podcast called Strength to be Human.



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