The Young One

a young sapling reaching out
the hands of the birth givers faded with jaded light
innocence suppressed with parents ‘Perfect’ desires
white dense fog diminishing creativity and dreams

soulfully looking the world through the birth givers eyes

a burden the sapling never knew
mouth trained to speak a few words
the others formed a turmoil in head
‘Life’ the word never touched nor heard

steadily built courage to explore the other side
tried, tried and tried to understand the turmoil
many growing near became a part of an experiment
amplification of knowledge, valued and focused

pain to the birth givers became the various questions
when asked by the sapling about their whereabouts
answers they did not knew nor did they tried to find
the sapling slowly was growing into a beautiful tree

the perfection got lost in the crowd of comparison
the betterment got better with the advancement of time

                                                                                      ~ Kritika Maheshwari

                                                                                       Lucknow, India


  1. Samuel Raj Kandru

    Awesome! Everyone in our society have to go through this situation, especially in the Indian context.

    Suppression everywhere, judgemental people all around….

  2. Bravo! Kritika, this is a beautiful and empowering poem! <3 Each of us deserves to be respected for who we are and deserves to be nurtured into what we can become.

    Congratulations on the publication of this fine poem. :) All the best! Cheryl

  3. Beautiful thoughts Kritika.
    Winning at all costs culture is our undoing

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