The Minimalist

by Sowjanya M

The idea of being a minimalist is always what I wanted to try and implement for myself.

I always look up to Sudha Murthy, she is truly an epitome of modesty, simple living, and definitely with great values and extraordinary life skills.

As Steve Jobs quoted “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” It’s interesting and enthralling to be modest and plain.

From Sudha Murthy to Steve Jobs, the idea of minimalist and simple living always piqued my curiosity and drew my attention, the respectful, talented, affluent, and privileged people can afford to own the world’s finest pieces, yet chose the paths of simple living, philanthropy, and sharing. Such qualities make a person much more humane and they stand out for their best abilities and deeds.

As I thought more about it, this is how I connected the dots:
Once you start liking the idea of minimalism but not yet ready to commit, consider some of the things. Start with little effort. How about the idea of baking a pizza yourself? And of course, baking a cake either for your own birthday or any family members? Even cooker cakes will do if you don’t have a micro oven! Instead of buying new denim shorts, convert your old denim pants!
While some people like to be plain, simple- living the minimalist lifestyle is different, there are some people who disagree and state that this is obviously one life hence they would go to any extent to lead a lavish life. Interestingly, practicing simplicity and not being a hoarder can positively influence anybody’s life. Even when you’re not yet completely sure how far you want to take it.

Additionally, it does not mean that the people who want to dress up with branded clothing & accessories and who own finer materials from automobiles to an art piece are impulsive buyers, it is all very personal and up to the individual.

The idea of being a minimalist could be:
Gather moments to recollect and cherish, not things to pile up and dust.
Things pile up and collect dust. Experiences create everlasting memories and open up new outlooks.
Investing your time or money into doing things with your favorite set of people always pays off.
Building memories go far further than buying things. You get to know your friends better. You grow stronger bonds. And most importantly, you learn more about yourself.

Be mindful and make space
Understanding the difference between needs and wants plays an important role here, as you learn to be particular and cautious with your choices, you gain more mental clarity. Your priorities become clearer. You make space for awareness. When you remove some clutter from your shelves or wardrobe, your mind gets clearer too.
Then buying a car without a parking space, own a bicycle which is good for your health or a bike you can sneak through any congested road.

Every Morning presents you a new day helping us learn gratitude
Count your blessings than worrying about problems. We take everything & most of the people for granted every day. We spend so much time worrying about the future.
Make space for some “me time”, spend quality time with yourself. Explore your creativity. Balance out the time you spend consuming. Everyone is born an artist. Just give it a try.

Become a conscious consumer, not an impulsive one
When we buy things in the mere enthusiasm for the shopping spree, we give in to temptation, without allowing ourselves a second thought. You don’t want to hear the inner voice of doubt at the back of your head. No. You saw it and you want it, is all you’ll want.
However, after we’ve cooled off or maybe after a day or two, all we are left with is the pain of dealing with an unwanted item and a feather-light wallet.

Then following the fashion trend go for what makes you comfortable & in turn, keeps you confident.
Your style statement or the swag is what it makes you feel yourself. If it is making you happy, self-reliant, enriched. A minimalist wardrobe might be smaller. But when you keep it full of items you love, it’s a lot when compared to a wardrobe filled with trendsetter clothes and accessories and in any urgency, for an important meet up you can’t decide what to pick from it.

Furthermore, there is a difference between being Minimalist and being Stingy. Often the minimalists are misunderstood to be misers. However, it has a lot of differences.

A minimalist is someone who is living with less but of the best quality. Example: While buying clothes, they may buy one or two pairs of the best quality and natural fibers that is long-lasting and they do not shop very often.

On the other hand, stingy Person always looks to save money and at the same time buy things that are economical for them, save things and end up being a hoarder. They might have unnecessary things in their home and life. A miser will often not buy things for themselves and would like to have it if others do for them.

They may even be less considerate about the environment. A stingy person’s perception and focus on money will be very different because of their mindset and circumstances. Minimalism is not about money. It is about keeping things simple and minimal – it is about value, moderation, freedom of choice, and inner joy.

Conjure your own flavor of minimalism, think what suits you the best. Do it your way. Try leading a simple life being a classy person. Be authentic. Learn the art of reusing things by repairing them than replacing them until unless absolutely necessary. Always remember, other’s opinions and suggestions are only references, it is only you that has to make decisions. Choose wisely of what you need to buy.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” -Leonardo Da Vinci

About the Author:

Sowjanya M is a software tester by profession and lives in Bengaluru. She is passionate about writing and her penchant for writing has helped voice her opinions by writing blogs on various topics and views on her blog site.


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