The Children of Light

No word for heaven or earth, for sky or sea;
Silence in light and silence in dark,
Then the voice of the almighty rang,
From his embrace he let free his firstborn,
and let them pluck knowledge from the apple tree.
The children then gathered near his throne,
and sang hymns unending;
But their songs were the songs of the cobblestones.
The throne shone with a golden light,
And they held forth their empire banners,
That flew and flew on their own.
Together we shared the almighty’s gift,
In time of peace or in rift.
Together we stood infront of him,
and praised him from morn to night.
The chant of light, the chant for light;
Clouds the mind-the trueman’s insight.
As the moth, seeking light goes towards fire,
A man who seeks light, goes to the almighty.
The light is birth, the shade of almighty;
The legitimate truth, the ever present diety.
The sphere revolves in light and shade,
Poses a difference between the real and fade.

The souls which may wander in sin,
Despairing that they are lost forever,
But the one who repents, delves deep in faith;
Is unshaken by the darkness of the world.
He who neither boasts nor gloats,
Over the misfortunes of the weak,
But takes delight of the God’s law and creation,
The soul should know the divine’s benediction.
The light will lead him safely, through
the dark paths of evil; to the next world.
For he who trusts the light, fire will be his water.
The veil will hold no uncertainity,
And he will have no fear of death,
For the God will be his beacon, his shield;
His foundation and his blade.


                                                                            ~ Debashish Sarkar 

                                                                           Kolkata, India

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