South Asia and Politics

Initially seven sisters joined hands called themselves SAARC dynasty to live in unity,

They had numerous gatherings to sort out, help in each other’s needs,

Later someone’s cousin decided to come along within,

All decided to help her to move together as she was badly suffering.


Nobody knows sometimes what happens to these twin sisters,

Although they are identical twins from one embryo, always talk of fighting wars,

The youngest sister could not adjust with eldest, other sister helped her run away,

The poor apple and wool supplier merchant in the middle got her property divided and taken away.


The beauty queen in the Himalayas quietly was forced, she eloped away,

She was terrified when neighbor was snatched by intruder and was taken over straight way,

Many siblings within were alienated, move to their sisters houses straight way,

Those stubborn were forced, chained and brought to bigger home in several ways.


The tiny sister who lives in deep seas is worried from getting anytime drowned,

Cousin sister borrowed so much money from unkind merchant had to surrender the port she found.

The shortest, oldest and smartest lady is the only one looks always cool,

The old aunty who even delivered Buddha seems like is seriously getting fooled.


They celebrate yearly festivals coming together pretending no one is ill,

Twin sisters back home are ready even to supply poisoning pills,

Stop all this nonsense sit together and sort out all whatever differences,

Remember both came from same mother do not get so much alienated.


Sometimes watch other families learn from them how they behaved,

Twin German sisters even broke the wall to live together, sacrifices of their own children is saved,

Korean sisters are in bad shape, ready to sacrifice their children any day,

They are listening to advices of their stepmother, daily is adding poison instead.


Vietnamese sisters were very touch they resisted the abduction deployed,

Although decided to live separately love each others in many ways,

Donot listen to much to the moving merchants theirs is simply a business,

You will have stand in your own foot otherwise penalties are too much you cannot pay.


Eight of you decided to live together helping each other in need,

Reflect back on you vision again and see what is so far achieved,

Keep your personal differences away and move together towards everyone’s gains,

To save your little sister from drowning and self form water shortages, fight with World on reversing CLIMATE CHANGE.


~ Shankar Lal Dahal 


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