Silent Tears

Lonely in a jammed room,

With the feeling of dejection and doom.

As the nation is under lockdown,

Crying hours, in a room.


Made the first move,

To reach my friends and family in the groove,

With the inclination of inner zone,

And found I was not alone.


Walking under the blazing sun and draining rain,

Masking all the sorrows and pains.

Silent tears accelerated through my cheeks,

Pain of being caged suffocates and cause heart pricks.


Awakening from a cushioned bed.

Shedding tears for the pain exercising ahead,

To be lost in all my cares,

If you hark, you will heed my silent tears.


                                                               ~ Purna Bdr Chhetri


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  1. It’s a wonderful beginning, once we start walking the journey of poetry letting words speak out the emotions of heart, here is undefined charm within. Congratulation.
    I will expect to read your works every Sunday now.

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