Satyan Sharma

Saints and poets are welfarer of everyone.

They both use dictional power

That is to say, they believe in words’ potential,

the sins of the miscreant they like to pardon

If they are venial.

Rivers or dams are tied by embankment,

So to imprison some wicked creature in papers is prudent.

Because the pen is mightier than any other weapon,

From school time to college time, a

hundred creatures been ministered to

before their examination and in the examination hall selflessly

While attempting my own papers.

A few ones were my peers,

And divers were seniors.

Wherever I studied, within few days

I became a name.

Due to my direct parlance with the teachers

The anecdotes of my nous went in other classes,

Unknown girls were used to asking my marks in English.

Even science students were habitual.

Satyan Sharma was my classmate, my peer.

And on speaking terms with me.

But his wickedness or ill intents, never

could I judge.

my fans about my actual skill (marks obtained in English )were sempre misguided,

For the sake of a few credits before girls.

In sleep, God made me a man of letters

Myriad poems flowed out of my hand,

And many been published worldwide,

When an eve approached to deliver the pieces among my all buffs.

Now few ones divulged the double-cross of

this wicked creature,

But so lately.


                                                                         ~ Harjeet Singh


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