Oh! Grandma! Where Art Thou?

Oh! Tell me, where can she be?

The God took her away from me.

Hope she is in a world full of bliss,

Under the sweet care of God’s kiss.


She’s my mother’s mother,

And my loving grandmother.

She had to leave me behind,

Shattering my world, my mind.


Now she’s gone far forever,

On an unknown endeavor.

Only her memories live,

Which I can’t still believe.


Why did the God take her?

Making my world dark and blur.

I don’t have shoulders to lean on,

With my one and only angel gone.


May be the God loved her so much,

Coz, she’s a special soul, a nonesuch.

Whose love and care is immeasurable,

Won’t find like her even if I scrabble.


She was the best gift I had ever received,

But her sudden loss made me bereaved.

Frustrated with myself, I couldn’t help her,

When she was present, that’s my err.


Now she is gone, never to return,

To see her in my dream is what I yearn.


                                                  ~BK Tshering, (Tshering Wangchuk)


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