My Soul My Love

It’s an obscure, unrequited love

I’m a body in love with my soul

I am her slave, serving, caring and

Enabling her to achieve her goal


I’m definitely perishable

But my soul is immortal

All I have to do is to

Help her reach divine portal


She’s incomplete sans her beau

Who is the power supreme

I must make absolutely sure that

She should fulfill her dream


I know that she is beyond me

My love’s like craving for moon,

Who’s never available to anyone,

looking after her is still a boon


she’ll perform good deeds through me

which would take her nearer to her quest

I might cease to exist before that

But she will continue without rest


Soul is ageless – a part of super soul

Must attain Nirvan and become whole


~ Sudha  Dixit

Bangalore, India

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