My Son: The Book of My Life

Ever since you were a little cute boy

Before you ask me to buy you a toy

You used to show an expression of coy

To bring laughter in us was your ploy

 You had been a source of my strength and joy


Swiftly and snaky when you run

I love to chase you with lots of fun

When we sometimes play with a gun

Each match we played, you foully won

You had always been my most adored son


When out of anger you turn slue

Valuable things you broke and threw

I punished you first and later I rue.

When my mom says that I was like you

I see my childhood and how I grew


I read your emotions in your cries

I read your resilience every time you rise

I read a charming personality you comprise

When at your small age you act wise

I get drowned in your ocean blue eyes


Sometimes we relish and sometimes strife

To keep you happy we always strive

My prayers are always for well you thrive

You are a precious gem to me and my wife

You are the best endless book of my life


                                                                                          ~ Deepak Raj Chetri


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  1. JuvyLyn Gando

    Exquisite! Keep on writing…

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