Manage Your Time

by Michael A. Nazareth

How essential is TIME for us? Why do we manage our time? These are among the questions I wish to explore as I emphasize the essence of your TIME.

Time is often qualitatively or quantitatively defined. An instance describing how short or long you attend to something or the length of stay is often mentioned at the time. It is expressed in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years, then on maybe a quantitative description of your TIME.

While the maximization of the time, using it wisely, and products may be a qualitative description of your time. On the opposite hand, management refers to the way how individuals respond, react, or act on the incident or the situations at hand. Putting them together means the right use and utilization of our time.

Time management is described as the process of how individuals found out the coherence between the planned activities and therefore the amount of your time spent in each leading to more productive output. A person’s effectiveness and efficiency, increase through time management. Time management may be a systematic approach brought by proper planning and implementation. As a process, it leads someone to the betterment and improved results. It’s systematic since it underwent thorough planning and organization. Time management may be thanks to achieving one’s goal time management is an extremely essential aspect of life. It’s often considered an element that will help an individual make or break in his chosen field or profession and even in the works. As such, all must be skillful in managing his time, proper handling of your time matters tons.

Proper handling of your time, surely guides an individual to satisfy his tasks producing quality results. No matter our status in life or age, it’s mandated that you simply maximize the utilization of some time.

Time management is extremely essential for the following;

  1. Students:With proper management of your time, students can easily handle his task and avoid backlogs on his works. During a school setting, the increasing tardiness may be a manifestation of poor time management skills of scholars. The study shows that poor management skills of the scholars affect his academic achievements among the explanations are absenteeism and therefore the ballooning number of tardiness. On one hand, students who come to high school early and rarely absent perform better.
  2. Parent: Proper budgeting requires time management skills among parents. Allocation of resources and utilization likewise play a crucial role in time management. In-class involvement, It’salso necessary, a transparent manifestation of the extent of parents’ commitment to the various school-related activities. Time allows them to require part within the different activities set for the oldsters.
  3. Educators: Planning is extremely important to us, wemust be betterat the management of your time. To be productive and increase his proficiency activities must be allotted carefully
  4. School Administrators:Time is of the essence in setting the vision, mission, goals, and specific targets. Working with the precise program, administrators must be skillful in accomplishing the targets to realize such, he must have control over his works. His ability in managing time is important for the betterment of faculty programs and projects.
  5. Professionals:Getting things done at the proper time is important to all or any professionals. After detailed planning professionals have already thought about when to spend time productively. Setting parameters will help professionals to become more resourceful. When plans are prepared properly, our targets are going to be achieved. Urgency on the matter is often addressed instantly. An awesome demand within the job may be a normal scenario that tests our patience. All these things are products of proper time management, leading to the use of each little bit of available time to the utmost.

With proper time management, the subsequent benefits are often observed.

  1. Energy is conserved and you don’t get tired easily since you’ve got the schedule for everything.
  2. It prevents you from wasting resources thanks to the enlistment of the needed materials as a result of good planning.
  3. With proper time management, you’re ready to be more productive. Getting things done as planned.
  4. It enables you to enhance your attitude towards work. You learn to handle jobs properly, avoiding procrastination or a buzzer-beater attitude.
  5. It can produce work with quality It enables you to deliver work with accuracy and precision.
  6. It makes us achieve our goal within the targeted time and being systematic helps us work with ease.
  7. It helps you think that consciously or subconsciously about what you’re getting to do first, next, and therefore the last.
  8. With proper time management, you’re ready to attend different occasions either job-related or family-oriented activities.
  9. You’re ready to act on matters supported urgency.
  10. You spend quality time with friends and family

About the Author:

Michael Nazareth is a writer and teacher in Science Department at North Fairview High School, Philippines.

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