Lovers in the Rain

One day, the dark clouds cover the blue sky,

The wind is cold, the lightning strikes an aisle,

Heavy rain fell down and thunder roars,

Weather like this makes me happy before.


Rain could not stop us from seeing each other,

In one umbrella we shared and serves as our cover,

My body move closer while you hold me tight,

Our footsteps go on as we follow the light.


We don’t mind if our clothes are already wet,

The warmth within our body is being felt,

Rain is a blessing for us lovers,

It brings out the concern for each other.


Let’s enjoy the rain while the road is ours,

Nobody wants to walk along with us,

The beating of our hearts becomes faster,

Our holding hands go tighter.


The rain stopped and has ended,

Slowly you go away my tears began to shed,

But still I thanked God for that moment,

I felt loved and cared but we aren’t meant.


~Lanilyn B. Mercado

Caloocan City, Philippines

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