Living In Faith, Our Fate

Destiny is one’s fate.

Fate is our own making.

One desires to be great.

Realize to succeed by toiling.


Life’s gyrating ordeals.

Either men or divine’s schemes.

Allowing men to live with faith.

To trust and believe with his gifts.


Men endowed with gifts by fate.

Knowledge of the universe surfaced.

Civilization and modernization flourished.

Men savoured, enjoyed but did desecrate.


Men by faith trusted humanity.

Annihilated horror of  human’s frailty.

Great men must live with dignity.

Men must endeavor to live with nature and others in harmony.


~ Rosella Dacquel

Bulacan, Philippines

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  1. Rosella Dacquel

    Thanks much as always.
    Gratitude to Indian Periodical!

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