Inner Peace!

To retrain your mind
Process life as it is,
To realize yourself
At the deepest abreast,

Not to lose your inner peace!


Its a liberty in tranquility
And a beautiful truce.

Where to find inner peace?

By relaxing
Taking deep breath,
Setting your limits
By minimizing preoccupied needs,
Uncluttering world
making your mind stress free,
Escaping for a while
To recharge yourself at ease,

What is true inner peace?


To trust,
To empathize,
To understand,
To accept and
To embrace
As is!


It isn’t enough to talk about peace
One must believe in it!
It isn’t enough to believe
One must work at it!


Being harmonious and no stress life
Leads to extant inner peace!


                                                                         ~ Amtul Ayesha 

                                                                               Hyderabad, India

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