Gratitude to My Teachers

Teachers, the most trusted friend

For students’, whole life they spend

Children of various culture they blend

And makes all of us unite and stand


Soft words and empathy they lend

Through the wisdom they have penned

Guides with the life skills for us to fend

Delicate minds and tattered child they mend


Takes us through the learning an adventure that never ends

Show us the way, even when they are on the dead-end

Without the support of great teachers, none can wend

Even if we invest our best effort that we intend


The understanding of life they comprehend

The philosophy of science we apprehend

The horizon of our knowledge they expand

Clearing our ignorance so that we ascend


All the time for our success they attend

To have diligent teacher is a godsend

To show love and care is their trend

For hundreds of lives they amend


For all the time for us they spend

For all the supports they lend

In front of teachers, I stand

I here bow with my folded hand


~ Deepak Raj Chetri 



  1. JuvyLyn Gando

    Wonderful dedication to all teachers and educators! Thank you!

  2. Thanks for acknowledging the great work the teachers do but are very rarely given their due. Hopefully the teachers will get more respect in our society than what they get at present.

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