Going Dark

By Aadinath Sastry from Bhubaneswar, India  


  1. Let the outrider remove darkness from the world

  2. Abinash Dash

    Good one…..

  3. Haraprasad sahoo


  4. Bhagathsingh

    HareKrishna Haribol Congratulations May lord Jagannath bless you dear with many more creativity this one is excellent continue in future also all the best

  5. Manorama.K.Raykar.

    Going Dark….

    Adinath you have a wonderful imagination.
    Creative thinking.Drawing is exceptionally good.God Bless my boy.

  6. Anirvan Saniyal

    Wonderful work by the little one. Adi, you are really multi skilled and highly talented. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  7. Very nice Adi,
    But dadi does not know about all these characters. Only knows that there should not be darkness

  8. Acharya Biswajit Dikhit

    Awesome , Your hardwork to painting will outshine one day, Have a consistency within you.
    Divine Blessings for you

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