Forgotten Yesterdays, Forbidden Dreams

Emotions torn up into

a boiling cauldron of doubt.


Everything understood rather smooth

until it is ripped apart.

Everything understood incompletely

is beautiful,

except when it comes to human feelings.


Silence is but a fruit of concern

and grief, a remedy for eternal suffering.


Waited for a breakthrough,

once mistaken,

lost forever.

But on this river,

staying afloat is enigmatic.


Long dreams,

long distances,

the bird still sings.

Remembering the good times,

it melts into its solitude.


A few more moments left,

now too far from home,

I live in a dwelling

built on hope.



~ Gautham P

Bangalore, India


  1. Dr.C.E.Ranjini

    So nice and emotional. Thank you Indian periodicals for publication

  2. Mohammed Faizan

    Deep bro 💯👌

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