Feelings of Voiceless

All my talents are now as unpleasant sewage

Know me; I am a man with weak voice

I have gigantic berries of awareness to share

But all my connections have disconsolate

Core that lies inside my head is influentially scorching

And, my rational emotion is flexible terrain of passionate thought

But in reality everything I have is now useless.


Unless, I support my heart to that extend my virtuously face

I have no fertile land of nutritive words

This has prepared my ideal feelings be set equaling on binary codes

The perfect code that only I can understand

With the passive tongue I can’t make anything

                      Without authentic voice to support my problem

               My loving nature rapidly has started to transmute into rebelling form

                    Now I really knew the nectar that voice can grow for me


From now I am ongoing to create soldiers gathering similar to a bee

 Unless my hand tosses the large dice

I assured you nobody is eager to catch my soft voice

Now, I am feeling extremely fragile

I am muted and ever I will remain alike because nullity is here to carry my profile




                                                                                ~ Rajendra Ojha 

                                                                             Kathmandu, Nepal


  1. Kalpana kharel


  2. Mukun Bhatta

    Nice one, keep it up.

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