Everyone wants to be great someday,

Let us all do  our best to find a way,

Shaping our future lies in our hands,

Whatever our destiny, we will firmly stand.


Whatever will be, will be given to everyone,

No matter how we resist it will surely be done,

Be brave to face trials, everything will be fine,

Face challenges for success is next in line.


Even how far we have been  through,

Destiny will prevail believe me it is true,

Ups and downs is always on  our way,

Just go on and follow the right ray.


Shape your destiny for it can be,

Follow your dreams for you to be free,

Just go on for you have the reason,

To soar up above and meet the horizon.


                                                                                              ~Lanilyn B. Mercado

                                                                                                                                                  Caloocan City, Philippines

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  1. Rosella Dacquel

    Very nice mam

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