China is Growing…Like a Weed

by Mark Antony Rossi

My President is deadly sick.

And my Republic is sick of the deadly global pandemic that continues to spread from one corner of the world to another without end in sight.

Covid-19 deserves to be called the China Virus because it is China’s deceptive practices that led to so many inside and outside of its country to fall sick and some to die. Allow no one to fool you, Communism has no true place in the assembly of free nations. Since its inception, Marxist theories of class warfare have only brought chaos and mass murder to the international community.

Why do we continue to tolerate its cruel practices and evil agenda any further? In the South China Sea, China threatens at least a dozen nations by seeking to control those contested waters, steal its natural resources, and militarize the entire region with jets and missiles.

Within China it oppresses numerous ethnic minorities particularly the Uyghurs who now number over a million confined in internment camps where chatter suggest their mistreatment, reeducation, torture, forcible organ theft and murder is a daily occurrence. Uyghurs are a religious people, mostly Muslim, and therefore a threat to atheist communism that imprisons people for reading a Bible or Koran.

As witnessed by the world, China broke its word and has been working to totally enslave Hong Kong, a once prosperous island-nation, into another brainwashed province of China that listen without question and make its motherland billions of dollars in bloody profit. The Resistance continues against this menace and I support anyone willing to fight for freedom.

Its forays in Africa are classic traps of debts and loans these nations cannot pay and thus will forfeit in land for military bases, natural resources, and waterways all used to support the Chinese spread of telecommunications through a geographical stranglehold. For many of these nations, they will be trading the past of colonizers to the presence of terrorizers when the bill is finally submitted.

Taiwan is fully modernized is perhaps the only nation in the Pacific ready and willing to take on China in a direct military confrontation. They understand more than anyone a defeat will bring a loss of freedom and a distinctly different life than the average person in China who risks prison and death for speaking their mind or even holding a church service in their home.

And lastly but not least, India, the world’s largest democracy and a nation expanding in modernity and prosperity now face an aggressive China on its Himalayan border threatening military action even the possibility of armed troop invasion. India like America for decades fell under the financial spell of believing increased trade would open the minds of the Chinese leadership and they would in turn become more honest brokers to their people and the world but a dramatic historical mutation has taken place:

Instead of liberalizing society, the enormous trade has caused the communist structure to grow its military and spy apparatus to a level unseen in even in the most hostile points of the Cold War:


Advanced jets and aircraft carriers

Advanced medicine and pharmaceuticals

Militarization of outer space disguised as exploration

Well-funded and aggressive international intelligence apparatus

Trade imbalances meant to disrupt foreign policies


The consequences for nations willing to ignore the enormous threat of a growing China is a loss of not only sovereignty but a real contraction of the economy and even diminished international influence when isolation, triangulation, and capitulation become refrains of weakened countries too nervous to fight further. These are the days when alliances to curb the Sino Pacific incursions are vital as in any time during the past sixty years.

The West through its rosy glasses has inadvertently enriched this Eastern giant into a force that threatens our peaceful allies India, Japan, and to a lesser extent Philippines. America turned wishful thinking about future Chinese attention to human rights into a failed policy that shifted manufacturing from our Midwest into regions of China that appear to be high-tech slave plantations. A Trump victory in the next Presidential election will ensure America will continue to fix our mistakes and help made the South Sea and South Asia positive places on the map that welcome cooperation, mutual trust and a military might capable of pushing back a growing China.

About the Author:

Mark Antony Rossi is a poet, playwright and author of the bioethics volume “Dark Tech” now available from Amazon. His most recent plays have been produced in Liverpool and New York. He also hosts a podcast called Strength to be Human.

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