Beyond Seasons

Breeze ice cold, tales of old,

Lurched in a lone love-seat

And a frozen hearth

Listening to the beat of a long-dead heart.


These eyes will shed tears no more,

Nor this lips utter your name

Never more this heart shall bleed

And build castles in the air.


Enough is enough

I have ate my fill

I’ll never again take a sip

Of this venomous elixir!


The golden melodious summer’s done

And the spring of love, long gone,

The fall of emotions begone

And this wintery heart began.


One by one, snowflakes falls down,

The white coat glazed the golden earth

Soon this tiny flame within my soul

Be frozen still for mournful morn.


I wish heart’s seasons coincide

With the climates of this world

That though one cycle has been gone,

A new one starts in but no time.


But this heart of mine, a pure devout

Long-gone the days the first seed sprout

Yet this waning  old oak tree

Feels pain of old like yesterday…


                                                                  ~Adrian Fisga Luague



  1. Rosella Dacquel

    So lovely and emotional♡
    Love ur love poems

  2. A nice composition reminding the Mysticism of Coleridge and Metaphysicism of Donne as well as a deep impact of Natural poets.

  3. JuvyLyn Gando

    Magnificent! Lines are beautifully penned!

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