A Silent Scream

With a sad and heavy heart I look

At the couple holding hands,

Obviously talking sweet nothings,

They seem to be in far off lands


I think of my unrequited love,

And nursing my broken heart,

I reminisce how magical it was

To be hit by Cupid’s ardent dart


Those were the heady, rapturous days,

Spent with blooms and lush green trees

Those moments of close proximity,

Were caressed by the fragrant breeze


I feel that destiny conspired to

Pierce my joyous core so deep

The shards of shattered ecstasy

Sting my eyes when I try to sleep


No sound comes when heartbreaks

Only pin drop silence screams,

The world becomes infertile,

Life turns out devoid of dreams


                                                                          ~ Sudha Dixit

                                                                                    Bangalore, India

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