A Resolve

A strange sense of melancholy

intrudes my mood

like stars veiled by grey clouds

seeking caress of soothing moon

the road leading to my being

is shunned often yearns for takers as time elapses

the scene gets poignant and piteous


A sweet serenade at a distance

that resembles…

the symphony of ode to forgiveness

lifts my mood a bit

from the confines of hung verdict

fills me with no less than ethereal sense

harnessing a quaint conduit


To forgive and to forget …is perhaps

the highest degree of kindness

takes one to a new high

beyond a slight elation sense

and helps savour life’s essence

this realisation dawns upon

as I look within for solace


A resolve now to dream anew

erase the strained past …

invoke a new morrow

and let it brew

spreads wings …opens avenue

to help me traverse beyond

bashful horizon

kindle hope for an amazing dawn.


                                                                                       ~ Sujata Dash

                                                                                         Bhubaneswar, India

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