A House On The Hilltop

There’s a house on the hilltop

From my balcony I see it everyday

A very intriguing one it looks

Maroon roofed it stands out

Amidst the greenery it’s surrounded with

The main door opens & closes at-

Unusual hours of day & night

Hooded people come & go

In a very professional style

Arousing my curiosity.

Through the binoculars I look &..

What do I see–

Masked men/ women

I know not who-

Being anxiously scurried away to a waiting van!

I stood thinking what the matter was

When suddenly a weird guttural sound I heard!

I turned cold from head to foot

Wondering what it was that growled–

So ferociously and thunderously?

Then I saw indistinctly —

A massive bundle ruthlessly tied

To a wooden carrier being wheeled out.

What shocked & caught my eyes were-

Movements under the sheet as if-

Struggling violently to be set free

Whining & groaning frighteningly loud

It made me think of it as some ET like creature

When it suddenly..

Shot it’s head out staring around

Not so very happily, I guess!

I could see his real big fiery eyes

Staring back at me

Though very far from it

I froze in fear

My binoculars slipped off my hands.

I quickly grabbed them before they fell

Peeped through it for the last time,


It’s pleading look for freedom

Glued me to the spot

I pitied it with anger at the captors but-

What could I do?

So I retraced my steps into the house

Feeling sorry for the dumb creature

Wondering why it was held in captivity

All chained up!

The next day on the news I heard about..

‘The people young & old this strange monster had kidnapped.’

It wasn’t after all a so very simple a creature as-

I had assumed it to be!

I then realised how-

It’s simple pitiful look had befooled me.

I reflected upon it deducing…

How very easily …

Innocent looks win our heart

We fail to even perceive their–

Dark malicious hidden side.

How well deceit/wickedness is masked by-

Innocent looks!


~Anuradha S. Bannore

Vadodara, India

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