A Beautiful World Through My Eyes

None surpasses the sacredness of love.

Manifested from each very breath of life.

By His divine mercy that is ceaseless.

A mind that thinks, a heart that loves.


His works are divinely perfect.

Beautiful, grand and truly majestic.

Each simple to complex creation uniquely picked.

To sustain life, heal and give delight, aesthetic.


See the beseeching eyes of a child,

Sweet and innocent, wishes unwild,

Watch a little pod coyly extends its leaf,

Wild, exotic flowers bloom in cliff.


Birds that fly high in the blue sky.

Canyons, mountain ranges standing high.

A spider that spins its intricate web.

Golden fishes and seaweeds go with the ebb.


All are such grandiose beauty.

Mountains and rivers like gleaming deity.

Are all manifestations of His opulence.

His richness abounds in prominence.


Of all His creations, men are at par.

Prudence and clean hearts that persevere,

Beautiful world where humanity prevails.

Plenty of stewards, endowed with beautiful souls.


~ Rosella Dacquel


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  1. Rosella Dacquel

    Thanks much po Indian Periodical for the warm accommodation as always!

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