Trashes of Fear

The world isn’t as scary as you think it is.

You’ve assembled trashes of fear

inside yourself for nothing.

The more fear you accumulate,

the less connection you’ll have with the world

and the people around you.

Shed your fear and understand the world.

Break the circle of fear. Yes, you can.

And show them how it’s done.

Fear shouldn’t be a scourge anymore.

The world is much kinder

than you think it is.

Look at the swirling clouds

kissed by crests of surging waves.

Let them answer

every spiritual question you may have.

Be kind and be sacredly amazed.

You can put a little piece of it

anywhere, and it fits.

That’s how kindness

breeds more kindness

and transmits happiness

 and peace.

I know you are

emancipated now.

You’re beginning

to see the world much purer

than the world sees you.


                                                                  ~Bhuwan Thapaliya

                                                                   Kathmandu, Nepal

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