Through the seasons

I’ve been in pain for a long time now

from the unhealed wounds and fresh bruises.

Through the winters, summers and monsoons

and yet there has been no difference.

First came summer with all its warmth

only to find out it wouldn’t last long.

During monsoons I got drenched

from the downpour of thoughts that belonged to my head.

Autumn arrived with falling of yellow leaves

and so did my hopes to become part of the debris.

And the winter was cold and long

leaving me to spend it all in solitude.

One day I woke up to the flowers bloom

with colours everywhere and sweet perfume,

The spring is finally in the air

and with an unknown hope,

it’s time to end the despair.


                                                                          ~ Yaksha Swarupini

                                                                          Kadapa, India


  1. Lehak Agarwal

    This is so simple and yet deep and amazing. Love it.

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