Those Eyes

As the light gets red
Everyone halted
With their luxury in hands and amenity to admire.
Some are relaxed others
Seemed to be trotted
Some seemed to be happy and some are just silent.

 it was pouring heavily
Rains are luxurious, plenty for those big cars but some are not so lucky enough
And there she was..
patiently moving on that wet road
Brown hairs with dark skin, nude legs and dirty smelly, apparel. A tattered yellow dhoti with a musty orange dupatta, this was her stature in this crowd.
One hand towards the mister and the other is busy carrying a small silent soul.

Without giving a second glance, my eyes met with his..
And I saw those eyes.
Those inocent eyes
Those gazing eyes
Those wandering eyes
The eyes who are pretty well aware about this crowd.
The eyes know this is not the first time he is been carrying this way around the road between these heavy vehicle.
Those tired eyes who are so bored with all these daily things.

Oh ! those desperate needy eyes, wanting to just fly away like a free bird.
Demanding to have clear wisdom which now is so blurred.
Those poor eyes! Unaware about their existence in this difficult crowd.
And their life on which they can be so proud.

The eyes are simply admiring the crowd and their fortune.
Admiring their comfort,
Their pleasures and their happiness.
wondering about the difference they are born with.
The soul is kept up, moving from one car to another. Begging and asking for a fraction of happiness from theirs.
Hoping to be like them someday.
Envying of not being one of them.
Wishing to be somewhere safer than this.

With hunderd of thoughts passing by his mind
The little soul moves his head back on his mother’s shoulder and closed those beautiful eyes,
Those wonderfully wandering eyes!

Slowly he slept
The lights gets green
And the world starts moving toward their aims.
And this esoteric yet so sensitive event
Left me wondering
What’s really there inside those eyes !?!


                                                                                                         ~Sakshi Singh

                                                                                                       Jaipur, India

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