The Transfer of Energy is Real

by Swikriti Surendra

Dearest Stranger,

Lately, I have been thinking about people and relationships of every kind, be it love, motherly, fatherly or anything else.

So many times things happen in our life where we are so anxious about things that when we really ponder over it we conclude that it is not worth even pondering. Sometimes there arises a situation in all our lives where we feel trapped and unable to get answers.

We tend to worry about those people and situations which actually are so unimportant and tiny for our precious mind and body to exhaust energy upon.

If a person gives up on you or something happened and there arose a situation where it couldn’t work out then stop regretting over that. You at first place gave that thing everything right? You did justice with all of it. You did every extra effort to keep it all going but it didn’t work?


Dearest folks, we sometimes give so much to others that they have nothing to offer us back.

The transfer of ENERGY is REAL!!!

If you constantly keep on giving and receiving nothing in return, then you will be left with nothing but emptiness. I agree that Compromises and sacrifices are important and hold a very important place in your future but till how long?

Till how long will you walk on a path which has got no destination? Won’t you be tired and feel like resting for a while? The Investment you do in someone or something is REAL, it matters the most, it takes out so much of yourself to invest in something or someone with all your body, mind and soul.

You have done some good deeds in the past that you are born as a human being and got the precious opportunity to see this world, do brilliant things and excel yourself completely.

Why do you want to waste it all?

No matter how hard you give on to anything, anyone there are sometimes when it all fails and you can’t do anything about it so sit down, breathe and think why have you come here for, for draining yourself badly or excelling yourself completely?

Also, don’t feel like and tell yourself that every fault is in the other person that it all happened and didn’t work out. No, don’t do that. Don’t play that victim card and let the world know how poor you’re. Don’t !!

It’s just that it wasn’t meant to happen. You don’t get to decide and assume everything by yourself there are so many things which we sometimes aren’t able to look at and we conclude that there’s no fault in me but the all is in the other person.

No, this isn’t how it works.  Attain peace in your life. Make yourself so Great that you see good in everything. I am not telling you to keep that thing, person in your life after forgiving No, but why even Hate? Why?

Hatred drains your energy, it drains you slowly every bit of it. So why not Finding peace and let the Universal Power do it’s work on it’s own. Envying over someone causes no harm to the other one but destroys you fully so badly.

The life is so big and beautiful; you’re going to meet so many people who will either be a blessing or a lesson and you know what, you wouldn’t be able to stop that lesson kind of people from coming into your life, they will approach you, they will come in, show you their real self and go away and that thing isn’t in your hand to stop them but in your hand is the decision of how much you want to Invest and till how long?

Either you want to sit and cry over all those people who couldn’t stay in your life just because they were meant to be a tougher lesson or you want to laugh harder because there are infinite blessings in your way from everything and everyone you did good to.

Decision is yours completely but whatever you choose don’t forget that even while thinking about all of this, you are getting spent a little more. Come on, forget what happened, forgive people let them live happily let them find joy in their life and meanwhile you find yours too girl.

Stop condemning them criticizing them for their bad. No, why again draining yourself pray for their well being, pray for your peace. Today laugh a little more, live a little more, give yourself credit a little more, laugh harder till your stomach hurts.

This is all too short to sit and give a damn over these kind of so unimportant stuff, that was a chapter which was meant to happen and which happened now you are over that. Get yourself ready to welcome a new brilliant, full of joy kind of chapter in your life which will not let you drain more and settle less for anything.

Glow and grow.

Live and let live.

About the author: Swikriti Surendra is from Bihar and currently studying in Amity Law School, Noida.


  1. Very nice. Good one for everyone

  2. Zeeshan Quadri

    Nice article written by swikriti

  3. Urvashi jainendra

    I am proud of you my betu. God bless you.

  4. The title catch my eye. I will definitely take your advice to live with peace and stop worrying a little bit less.

  5. Great piece of advice. Keep it up.

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