The Rape

Three days ago when the night  spread it’s fence.

 The woman with her three children,  was going from Lahore to  Gujranwala by motorway,

 after meeting her sister.

 She belonged to a family that ate and drank.

Suddenly, her car ran out of petrol on the road near Gujarpura village.

It was one o’clock at night.

And the car stopped.

She was screaming and screaming for help.

 Meanwhile, two beasts came and broke the glass of the car and started looting her.

The pen was trembling and the heart was coming to the mouth as I wrote the poem.

Heaven and earth were weeping at the cries of mothers and children.

The mother was holding her children in her arms along with her honor.

Sometimes she was calling to the East and sometimes to the West for help.

Everyone was enjoying their sleep.

The beasts dragged her and her children into a nearby forest.

The desolation of the forest was also weeping tears of blood.

The mother was beaten and raped in front of the children.

And left them there and fled.

Everyone needs to do their part to end this oppression.

 Heaven is under mother’s feet. And our society has tramped a mother underfoot.


                                                                                                                      ~ Muhammad Ishaq Abbasi


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