The Holy Decampment

Belief, an ocean vast,

In which man swims around, fast,

For a drop, unseen, of  truth,

For all he is worth.

Truth is a  page,

In the big book of belief of ages.

Truth is a room, apart

In the big mansion of belief, set apart.

To the believers, truth is what they believe

 But to some, truth  is not mere belief

And truth, like belief, is not that easy

To be found and fixed, so easily.

Some  people believe

Prayers, the ladder, they believe

To reach  God,  the unseen entity,

Who, to some, a non-entity.

Omnipresent, always present with man

Omnipotent, always protect man

From the dangers of life of man,

From the snares and pitfalls in the life of man

Believers  project God

As a curer of disease, the only God

The ultimate physician, with a panacea

Yes, prayers,  His ultimate panacea.

Believers like to be called men of God,

 Pretending, they are next to God

Gravitate the gullibles  to them next to God

Soon to be nearer to the God.

Their convention, turn, at times of  prayers,

A meeting for “curing  by prayers”

They project, the wavering many, unsure

Who, but vouches, were cured by prayers, sure.

Ah! isn’t it the best time for God-men, busy healing

With conventions of  “prayer- healing”?

Isn’t it the crucial time for them to act?

When the world reels under Covid 19 attack?

When man falls dead in hundreds, a minute,

Needing, urgent cure sans wasting a minute,

Make urgent use of every moment

To out-live the malady, in these precious moments.

Now it’s their time to cure by prayer, all

It’s the time to establish their belief, before all

It’s the time best to prove their belief, before all

A solid truth, once and for all.

That settles the question of God’s existence,

As against His non-existence,

That brings credit to the believers, all

That truth was, their belief, all

Isn’t it a wise proposition to convene,

A  covid 19 patients’ convention,

To cure them by prayers at one go, all?

To save them from death, once and for all

But leaving the believers high and dry,

Doubting, as well, prayers are futile and dry.

The God-men all seem decamped for cover?

To surface when the Corona threat is over.

They will never accept defeat, but be up with a reason.

That Covid 19 is nothing but God’s curse, by reason

For man’s sins, as  eternal sinners we are, by reason

Against which prayers will never stand, by reason.

                                                                              ~ Baby Kattackal

                                                                                      Muvattupuzha, India

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