Serenity for Peace

Can you see your face in a pot of boiling water,

Or in the turbulent ocean for that matter?


We need quiet and peace for clear reflection,

For that we must shun the elements of destruction


We invented religion or as a system for morale

But that has become a commodity that ails


The wind blows, the river flows for everyone,

Whatever be their creed caste or religion


Nature accommodates all, it does not discriminate,

Only human beings fight, their own people they eliminate


The root cause of all ills is ego, hate and greed,

A peaceful coexistence of all creatures we need


Our planet earth has sufficient things for us all

We don’t need to hurt anyone for anything at all


Universal well being, cheerfulness and health,

One day we will discover, that is the real wealth


                       ~ Sudha Dixit

                          Bangalore, India

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