In every   drop of rain,

Happiness is seen outside my window pane,

The trees smile showing their glowing colour,

Dried land, withered leaves thanked with favour.


After the rain everything is in silence,

Savouring the blessings, reaping their patience,

Flower blooms, bird sings, clear river flows,

Occurrence of nature’s gift no one really knows.


Everyone knows what rain  really brings,

But for me it tells everything,

Heartaches, pains, trials, and failure.

Pour on me oh rain so that I can endure.


Shower me with your wit and power,

Cleanse me that I may bloom as a flower,

 Teach me on how to forgive and forget,

 That I may appreciate things without any regret.


                                                                                                 ~Lanilyn B. Mercado

                                                                                                Caloocan City, Philippines


  1. Nandakumar KS

    Very nice..

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