Month: September 2020


Our Country, Right or Wrong

by Mark Antony Rossi Never in my lifetime have I seen my country, the United States, in such an upheaval over matters we continue to struggle as a nation. But I unlike many of my countrymen have traveled around the world extensively and I know for a fact that in […]


Spell of Love

I had never believed in magic, Now, I am a converted person, I have seen the whole world change And I have learned my lesson   All  of  a  sudden  there  was  beauty, Tranquility and joy in nature, Flowers blooming, peacocks dancing, Birds singing in divine rapture   Happiness reigns […]


HAM Radio Operators: In Service at the Call of Nation

by Vinod Narayanan A popular yet sublime hobby that harmonizes people, electronics, and communication. Ham radio or amateur radio is used for satisfying the radio spirit. HAM is used to exchange messages (non-commercial) private recreation, radiosport, and also for emergency communication. Amateur radio provides services when “All else fails”. All […]



When rainbows fall, light tears into the skies, Squeezing out drops of blandness and water, Seeping in a kaleidoscope of natures, But underneath the gigantic of ‘pretty’ swells up, drawing admiration, Few blinks, it then perishes, Effacing lazy, hazy summer evenings, Of goodness, locked in buckets, fleeting with the chilled […]


Thought of My Thoughts

In the hushed silence I thought of my thought To think what thought That throbbed into my thoughts As the fine moment of the thoughts Makes me awake all the time I think many things of Her- The Nature of my land As the thoughts thrust in me The thought […]


‘I’ only ‘I’ncarnate!

Gods Do Not Yea Ya Evolve! Gods Always ‘I’ncarnate Only From YeaUndisputed Alphas Omega  ! Yes  ! Yes  ! ‘I’ Only ‘I’ncarnate ! Yes ! ‘I’ Only ‘I’ncarnate ! ‘I’ Am forever forever-more Yea yea yea ‘I’ For the unending rebellion ! For the revolutions . . . And   —     […]


Sweet Fragrance

O’ sweet blossom! O sweetest bosom! I fall in  thy fairy juicy sweeten    Come close to my heart Let me feel thy fragrance    I couldn’t forget thine breathing  huh! Once when we met in a lonely  crowd    Thee rosey lips that garmented maroon  I kissed you tongue […]


The Covid, Lockdown and Consequences

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal Unchecked power is a dangerous thing; sometimes it creates unintended ramifications that become the undoing of the very people or governments that exercise it. Our current political leadership is a good example of this fact; they act without impulsion or thought while taking a decision […]