O My Heaven

Like The coocoo ūüź¶ Bird’s song,

O! Mother thy pain is long

With great care of love you prayth me,

But in return , I give none to thee,


I oft run rude, but oft find you soft,

With heavenly bless, love and zest,

Your smile, if be compared to stars 

Like a Lilly you brighten up with spring alters


If I mingled earth and sky in your honour

And if I mixed up  sand and water

Still thy worth is much more higher

I’m sorry, l could not express thine’s honor¬†


I think, I find God in HEAVEN

I feel¬† that’s you, who glittered been

A holy relation of Mother

And for my growth she (Mother) is greater


I’m going to be muse you, let it hear¬†

I know thy worth, you are my dear

O my love, my dear, my mother!

Let you come again, let us live together.


I miss all thy kindness caress and love 

Come mother come be love or be dove.


                                                                                ~ Amar Shaw Saleem


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