Now or Never

The world began in an empty space

Where nobody dared to take a place

But God thought of a wonderful plan

Light appears, then sky and land.

Plants and animals came into view

Followed by humans in just one blow.


Fresh air,  fertile land and trees

Pliant and strong, standing with glee

Wind blowing, leaves dancing

Flowers blooming,  brooks flowing

Birds chirping,  children playing

A sight to behold, so alluring.


Time has passed, things change

Violence starts, overpowering men

Explosions echo in every corner

Intoxicating scent of war lingers

Deafening griefs ascend to the sky

Blood-stained ground made by sly.


Countless issues even health is at stake

All are struggling  and want to vacate

Geniuses try but can’t find its cure

Solutions still remain obscure

If only people lift them above

The world will be filled with love.


It’s  not too late,  my friend

Turn your back and reign

Let good deeds conquer

To overcome all your anger

Be vigilant, be upright

So the world will find a new light.


                                                                                       ~ Amelia Serato

                                                                                              Caloocan, Philippines 

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