My Mystic Joy

I need a dream to escort my lone sleep and forget my life while awake.

hold my hands dream! we can go to farther lands of beauty.


take me to mountains, where I can feel the horizons,

take me to the oceans to see waters that can’t satisfy unquenchable thirst of humans

take me to a grave where I have to ask about after life.


After all that oh my dream! talk with me.

I know you are a dream and will go when Sun calls me up, but you are a better friend than my own fake smilers.

you are not a fantasy, but a yacht that sail me to escape this greedy world to my mystic world of serenity and joy,

“You are my letters.”


                                                                           ~ Vinod Narayanan

                                                                          Thiruvananthapuram, India

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