Metaphor of My Life!

My life is an amazing journey of His abundance.

Myriad experiences of gyrating ups and downs.


Enabling me to have metamorphosed into wondrous being.

Exquisite challenges surmounted gaining life’s significant learning.


Time, precious and swiftly passing.

Tossing torments and joys are both fleeting.


All things happened for a reason.

Allowing each one to become a better person.


Pain and gain are life’s paramount.

Permitting one to be magnanimous at heart.


Hail to our triumphs and accomplished lives!

Haunting in memories are not fears but obtained dreams.


Obfuscating obstructions are obliterated.

Orchestrating only are outstanding oasis of love.


Reminiscing the olden days brings joy and pride.

Reliving the strength and His divine grace I had.


                                                                 ~Rosella Dacquel

                                                                     Bulacan, Philippines

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