Infinite You

I sent you an envelope,

  Sealed solemnly as is our faith.

       No ! not a letter with fancy words

     But an empty postcard, fireflies

                       And oh careful!  a few petals of rose accompany too.

  For, I found my crimson joy,

  The first time I looked at you.

       Nestle these petals in your palm,

Spin them with tender smile

To a yarn of untainted love.

Scarlet petals, a mirror of you,

           Capped in the reminiscence of our first encounter.


Let the myriad of fireflies out,

To soar aloft to form a halo

Gladdened in your seraphic glow.

For I have brightened,

Standing your ground,

The first time,

Did I behold the bold you.


Now I banish the gloomy spirits,

And if the purple sky,

Your count of stars reduce by one or two,

The fireflies in the sky I shall sow.

                          The numb darkness, with whispering winds tickling you shall bid adieu.


Fill the postcard at your ease,

With doodles and scribbles as you please.

For, you became the thread of my musings

The first time I discerned the artistic you.


Love at first sight happens once,

But I have fallen over and over again,

Each time I have seen a new you.


                                                                                              ~ Nabajit Chatterjee


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