I am a Masterpiece

Time and again I scuffle

Feeling to have a low self-esteem

It caused me to be dejected and confused

Am I a mistake or a masterpiece?


Rational of having a great personality

And must possess a good public speaking ability

Apprise everybody that I am worthy

Exuding more of my efforts continuously.


Until I, myself have discover

That I am both introvert and extrovert

Keeping my struggles on my own

Nevertheless, sharing strengths and talents to everyone.


Facing non-stop and enormous challenges

In this journey of life I will never give up

I realized I’m a survivor and a masterpiece

Uniquely created by God with purpose and mission to achieve!


                                                                  ~ Juvylyn Gando

                                                                    Quezon City, Philippines


  1. Best journey one can cherish in life is the journey through self discovery. The more we dig into self and consciousness of who we ar, wiser grow. Best opportunities awaits you in near future keep walking the walk of life under the shade of literature.

  2. Joana A. Berico

    nice piece

  3. Rosemarie Naorbe

    Yeah,we are masterpiece of our Lord Jesus Christ. Very touching message from the writer💜👏

  4. We are all God’s masterpiece.

  5. Nice work ma’am juvy..👏👏👏

  6. Sajal Banerjee



    Nice ma’am, congratulations!

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