The world today is  fighting for life,

Breaking its heart while listening for every sigh,

Extending its hand for us to realize,

That there is hope so let us all be wise.


The situation is really alarming,

We all know what danger  covid could bring,

The hope for triumph is within us all,

Let us work hand in hand so nobody will fall.


This pandemic builds relationship stronger,

It teaches us to say a little prayer,

Young and old ask for more existence,

To live peacefully and joyfully is life’s essence.


Cooperation is the only key for us people,

Protection we must  possess not to make life miserable,

Remember that no man is an island,

Let love spread all over the land.


This is the time for us to heal the world,

Care for the nature we possibly could,

Let’s do our part even with a little thing,

And see what beauty it could bring.


We are all a part of a whole,

Together we enter into the smallest whole,

To discover a vaccine for us to cure,

To bring happiness for everyone and that is sure.


   Let us pray and work hard for the land,

Everything now lies into our hand,

Everyone’s contribution is significant in this battle,

Surely no problem we couldn’t tackle.


                                                                                     ~ Lanilyn B. Mercado

                                                                                        Caloocan City, Philippines

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