HAM Radio Operators: In Service at the Call of Nation

by Vinod Narayanan

A popular yet sublime hobby that harmonizes people, electronics, and communication. Ham radio or amateur radio is used for satisfying the radio spirit. HAM is used to exchange messages (non-commercial) private recreation, radiosport, and also for emergency communication.

Amateur radio provides services when “All else fails”.

All over the world amateur radio operators contributes vitally during stringent times like natural disasters. Their service in communication is inevitable in a region which is isolated by the disaster. We witnessed the same during the floods of Chennai (both 2015 and 2018) and Kerala. Some of the International examples of communication services by HAM are- 9/11 attacks at World Trade Centre, the earthquake and resulting Tsunami in 2004, the Katrina Hurricane of 2005, etc.

Red-cross sought the assistance of amateur radio operators at Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria of 2017.

The amateur radio operators of China provide emergency communications during the Sichuan earthquake of 2008.

The list goes long, amateur radio operators had and is utilizing their hobby for the service of Humankind.

It is a high time the Government should include its service in various disaster management arms of its own. Like the cybercrime wing of various State Police which comprise of IT professionals contributing to the cybersecurity using the platform of Police as volunteers.

During a crisis whatsoever authorities utilize the wireless system of Police which will only add to the burden of duty-bound officers who incessantly does work, instead of using Police Band, volunteers from amateur radio operators can be availed as a summoned guild to offer their prodigy in radio technology for communication services,  it will be a recognition for them. More appreciation is required from the side of Authorities, media, and the society to HAM operators for their services during hard times.

Selected and interested cadets of N.C.C and other volunteer organs should be trained and licensed in HAM radio as that would invigorate the passion of science from Larva stage itself.”

About the Author:

Vinod Narayanan is a Civil Service Aspirant, a former IT Professional, and a law graduate who conducts freelance research in the subject ‘National Movements’. He has received Gujarat Sahithya Academy award ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ for his works.



  1. Wow.An amazing though indeed.

  2. Ajith Kumar S

    An article which shred light on the mostly overlooked service men during disasters. Opinion of the author to imbibe such traits is applaudable.

  3. A meticulous piece, an outcome of arduous research and compelling knowledge demonstrated by the author.

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    Informative and valuable theme.

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