Grace Astonishing, Grace Abounding

An undeserved understanding

Coupled with so much knowing

Rooted honorably into thinking

That I can be someone deserving.


Once wounded,so much being a rebel

Living life as if there’s no more after the label

You only live once, as the saying goes

You practice it, and live like someone in overdose!


But you never leave me, not at all!

You stood by me and had stood tall

Like a tree all in accord despite all strife

Never showed broke, went well with life.


As I go on with life, like others

My realization began to grew powers

To live life and take into full consideration

How I have been love so dear with no reservations


And now to give love with no exceptions!

Grace astonishing, Grace abounding

To me is fully given unending

Receiving it, though undeserved

All glory to my God, will forever be indebted.


                                                                                         ~ Noemi B. Salacsacan


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